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Over my years as a student and athlete, I have collected awards for my achievements. Here are the most prominent highlights. 

3rd in Radio Broadcast - IISPSC [October 2022]

Radio Broadcast is an event where the competitor synthesizes a newspaper into a 4-minute-long script in 30 minutes. The result is a themed story imitating a broadcast. In 3 rounds, comprising over 70 people, I came 3rd.


Record in Age Group and Gender -  Oak Bay Half-Marathon [May 2023]

With a time of 1:48:45, I achieved the record for females under 16.


 1st in SMUS' Spring Art Showcase [May 2023]

The Spring Art Showcase is a way for SMUS to demonstrate the student's artistic ability in a friendly competition. Out of 25 students, my art was ranked best. 


Bronze Level - Duke of Edinburgh Award [Completed May 2023]


Chapman Award - SMUS [June 2022]

The Chapman Award is an award given to exceptionally well-rounded and high-achieving students. 

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