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I am dedicated to driving positive change, and volunteering has provided me with a rewarding opportunity to give back to my community.  Here are some of my experiences.


CVYC enables youth to get engaged in solving issues in their community. In this program, I have developed leadership, organization, and interpersonal skills. As Public Relations Manager, I connect with local businesses and speakers to achieve greater opportunities for the Council. 

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Youth to Sea

From May 2023 to March 2024, I participated in Youth to Sea, a program run by OceanWise. Through a variety of workshops, projects and presentations, I developed my leadership, organization and communication skills. I lead an Ocean Service Project, painting the issues of my local community. My photography was showcased on the OceanWise Instagram, my art is currently being featured in TheDock art gallery downtown, and my blog post was posted on the OceanWise website. It was an incredible experience that developed my environmental awareness and my knowledge of Victoria's main issues. 

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