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A Student.

As a student at SMUS, I make the most of opportunities that excite me. 

Public Speaking Competitions

I believe public speaking is a valuable skill and try to challenge myself with every opportunity available. I have participated in IISPSC, Speech and Debate Canada, the Regional Debate Competition at Brentwood, and school debates. 

Video submitted to Speech and Debate Canada

School Opportunities

I speak on global issues, mindfulness, and thoughts on pretty privilege and share my poetry with the school. I have participated in VMUN, SMUS Talks, Poetry Slams, school Chapels, and school culture events.


The theme of March 2023's SMUS Talks event was "Think Again." Listen to me speak about our Thinking and Feeling Brain, and why ignoring feelings can be detrimental to one's physical health. 

Strings Orchestra

I believe that music has the power to change minds. I play cello in St. Michaels University School's orchestra. Our combined efforts earned us the National School Orchestra Award in 2023. We continue to play in everything from Remembrance Day, to Concert Concerto performances. 


During the summer of 2023, I had the opportunity to go to Quebec with the EXPLORE program. Run by the government of Canada, this experience helped improve my French skills while making memories along the way. 

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